Mission Statement:

To provide financial support to children and families in our community who have suffered from tragic events by raising funds from our neighbors and community donors.

Samaritan Community Supported Charity relies on the donations in our community. Through fundraising efforts outside of grocery stores to tried-and-true Doorknocking, we invest countless hours of volunteer service to teach children moral and social skills needed to thrive in our society. Teaching children to deal with rejection and overcome them in addition to doing something invaluable to those affected by tragedy and disaster.

Unlike other organizations who claim to be nonprofit Samaritan CSC is devoted to using every cent possible helping those in our community that need it most. If there’s one thing to know about Samaritan CSC it’s that your donation will not be wasted and without a doubt every donation made will impact the life of a child or family that is truly in need.

Please support us financially with any contribution, of any size because together we can build a stronger community. Better than ever before.

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