Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I go to ask for help: HelpMe Request Form is located on the main menu under HELP ME. It should only take a few minutes and we will review your request in 24 to 72 hours. Please understand that in many cases it takes 7 to 30 days or more to process the HelpMe Request from the time you submit the form to the signing of a check or distribution of aid. Also we have compiled a list of other community charities that can assist with specific needs.

What is Your Commitment: We will not change our focus, we will always complete our campaign, and we aren’t going anywhere! It isn’t unheard of for a charity to accept money and then change their minds and use it for other purposes. That is not how we operate, and it is our commitment to you to keep our focus on the children and families in our community that you have so graciously chosen to support.

Why Should I Support Your Charity: Sometimes things happen that literally brings our community to their knees in prayer. Sometimes there are no charities for those afflicted to turn to. Together we can make a difference, we can change the fate of those left stranded in despair, but most of us cannot do it alone. Sometimes it takes an entire community, many selfless volunteer hours, and tons of money to right the wrongs that have left so many in our area in dire need. Help us build a more cohesive community by giving us the privilege of helping them!

What is Your Local Impact: All donations to Samaritan CSC Inc., go directly into the community. We have campaigns that 100% of the proceeds (all moneys raised) go directly to the recipient. In general campaigns it is important to note that our bylaws require at least 50% of proceeds (all funds raised) go to the cause or mission, the rest can be used to cover only necessary overhead, i.e. advertising, materials, etc….

We strive to keep our organization in the top ratings of all nonprofits in America, we strive to donate 98% or .98 cents on every dollar to our mission and causes. This is much higher than the average school fundraiser or national non-profit where we see a .02 cents on every dollar go to the cause.

Are There Measurable Outcomes: As a Donor we want you to stay active, watch our progress and fruits of our labor of love. Watch as we follow key individuals that you have helped support with your hard earned money. The children and families that you donate to today have literally a lifetime ahead of them and we cannot express enough how your donation today will change the lives of those we help now in their time of need.

How Will the Money Be Spent: We aim for 98% of proceeds, not profits (after expenses) to be used on the particular campaign you donate to. In addition to special campaigns, monies raised for our general fund are used to provide for future tragedies, so that when the awful happens, we can be prepared to lend direct aid without the lag that most campaigns would naturally have.

Why Do You Volunteer: Our community is rich with values and a brand of camaraderie that isn’t seen  many other places in this world. One thing that makes our Omaha Metropolitan Areas so special is our concentration of wealth, our education and born-and-bred Nebraskan values. We serve our communities out of a sense of duty and love for our fellow neighbor. No one is perfect, and everyone has their own definition of “good” but when we work together, truly magnificent things happen and each and every one of us want to be a part of that. Were not all “good’ Samaritans, but we all are your neighbors and we love and respect everyone of you.

And Why Do Your Volunteers Say Thank You So Much: The average Donor wants to be thanked! Actual statistics recommend (7 Times) per Donation. In addition our volunteers thank those we ask for support profusely, even if they do not contribute to the cause. This is due to a core belief that we value your time, every second, even if it’s just to say no.

How Do I Know you Are a Legitimate Non-Profit Organization: Unlike many other organizations we believe in being as transparent as possible. We post our current certificate of good standing from the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office on our website and most of our volunteers carry a copy or booklet containing our approved Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws as well. You can confirm these documents at the NE SOS site. When in doubt, please contact us directly. It is important for us to take these concerns seriously and safeguard your donations that you entrust to us.

Are My Donations Tax Deductible: In most situations… We are a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt corporations as determined by the IRS so depending on how you file the answer is yes. As alway you should consult your tax preparer, CPA or an attorney to make sure your donations are excepted and reported properly.

How Much Should I Donate: Please consider making a donation of $100 or more to benefit our cause. It is so very important that each of us reach deep in our pockets to give the most generous amount we can afford. Because in the end, not one of us wants to see our neighbor suffer and the amount you have donated in the past or will donate in the future will go a tremendous way towards easing those burdens our fellow neighbor feels.


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