STRiVE Volunteer


Students and Teens Re-inventing Volunteering and Entrepreneurship

STRiVE Teams aim to teach 108_460x460_Front_Color-Greenchildren, teens and students general life skills particularly related to networking, sales and leadership. By teaching STRiVE Team Members to:

  • Overcome the Fear of Rejection.
  • Engaging Communication Skills.
  • Concepts of Stewardship and Management.
  • Importance of Serving our Community.
  • And most important, the idea that you can talk to someone face to face with out texting!

We teach children moral and social skills needed to thrive in our society. Teaching children to deal with rejection and overcome them is a lesson that will benefit them throughout their lives. In addition to personal growth, the understanding of doing something invaluable for others, especially to those affected by tragedy or disaster can change the way you see the world forever.

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